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Plastics Injection moulding in clean room conditions with quality guaranty |Innovamed


< INNOMED > guarantees the highest levels of quality, technical, legal and regulatory standards for all of its products and services.


To ensure the best possible service quality to its customers, < INNOMED > has made the following commitments:


  • Continuous improvement of its quality assurance system
  • Continuous training of all its personnel through both internal and external programs.
  • Investment in R&D activity both in product and process development.
  • Application of the latest technological developments in its injection moulding activity
  • Development of own processes that improve both process and product quality.
  • Flexibility of its structure to ensure the adaptability of its know-how to each and every customer.
  • Adaptation of technical and production capabilities to the strictest of international medical standards.
  • Respect for the environment in all of its activities, be they at development or manufacturing level.
  • Respect of labour and work safety regulations.


Quality certifications

The implementation of these commitments is reflected by our quality certification:

ISO 13485

Plastics Injection moulding in clean room conditions with quality guaranty |Innovamed

Of this we obtained first approval in January 2006, and it have been regularly updated according to current regulations up to the present day.


The importance of these certifications and their maintenance is an objective demonstration to our customers that we comply with the highest of industry sector demands in every area of our activity.


We know that satisfying these requirements makes us all more responsible in our daily work approach.


These certifications are proof of our engagement to follow rigorously quality protocols which are obligatory in a market which is increasingly demanding not just in terms of quality but also in terms of efficiency, production and marketing.


Download certificates

Plastics Injection moulding in clean room conditions with quality guaranty |Innovamed

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