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Plastic injection in cleanroom ISO 7 for Health sector

In the cleanroom < INNOMED > treatment activities and plastics processing by injection are developed; elements assembly and packaging of final products or components for medical devices.

We also get involved with our clients in those molds complementary services, pre series production or engineering may require.

Since its inception in 2004 we have established a commitment to quality in all our activities reflected by the ISO 13485 certification complement the service of all our medical products manufactured integrally cleanroom ISO 7.

< INNOMED > stands out for its high specialization in high value-added projects for the manufacture of those products and processes that require high-tech methods. Our specialists have extensive experience in the development of technical products that require rare raw materials or processing difficult, highly complex design and industrialization characterized by high modernization.

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BIOCAT BCN Medicare Industrial Hub

Plastics Injection moulding in clean room conditions with quality guaranty |Innovamed

Health Tech Cluster Fenin - Federación Española de Empresas de Tecnología Sanitaria Asebio BIOCAT

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