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Innovamed Participates in Medi´Nov Connection Alongside BCN MEDICARE Industrial Hub


Innovamed Participates in Medi´Nov Connection Alongside BCN MEDICARE Industrial Hub
Innovamed Participates in Medi´Nov Connection Alongside BCN MEDICARE Industrial Hub Innovamed Participates in Medi´Nov Connection Alongside BCN MEDICARE Industrial Hub

Innovamed is proud to announce its successful participation in the prestigious Medi'Nov Connection fair, held jointly with the BCN MEDICARE Industrial Hub. This event, recognized as a key meeting point for the Medtech sector, was held for the first time in Spain on June 26 and 27, 2024, at the World Trade Center in Barcelona, following its successful editions in Lyon.



Medi'Nov Connection Spain: A Key Event for the Medtech Ecosystem

The first edition of Medi'Nov Connection Spain was held in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Barcelona. This event aimed to highlight the potential of the Medtech ecosystem in the national territory, and more specifically, around Barcelona.



Spain: A Leader in the Health Sector in Europe

Spain is positioned as the fourth largest health market in Europe and the leading country in the development of clinical trials. With a massive investment plan in health, the country seeks to meet the growing demand for technological solutions and innovations, addressing challenges such as under-equipped hospitals and the development of telemedicine.



Catalonia: An Epicenter of Innovation in Life Sciences

Catalonia stands out as an innovation hub in life sciences, bringing together leading companies and institutions in medical technologies. Its dynamic ecosystem, focused on digital health innovations, hosts a growing number of startups and high-performance R&D centers.



A Comprehensive Event for the Medtech Sector

Like the Lyon edition, Medi'Nov Connection Spain offered a fair, a congress, and an innovation competition highlighting medical device startups. The participation of nearly 500 attendees over the two days was a resounding success.



Startup Competition: Awards and Recognition

One of the highlights of the event was the innovation competition for Medtech startups. BCN MEDICARE Industrial Hub had the honor of acting as a jury in this competition, evaluating the most promising proposals. We proudly congratulate the company Kriba, which won the Innovation Award in this first edition of Medi'Nov Connection Spain.



Kriba's Innovation

Kriba is making a significant impact on healthcare worldwide by accelerating non-invasive screening, diagnosis, and monitoring of infections in serous fluids. Their main innovation is a non-invasive white blood cell counter, particularly useful for quickly and cost-effectively identifying these infections.



Congratulations to the Runner-up Medicsen

We also extend our congratulations to the runner-up Medicsen, an application that integrates data from glucometers and other parameters to record and predict a diabetic’s glycemic values.



Support for the Innovation Competition

The innovation competition was supported by Josep Maria Gomes from the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, Maria Espinosa from BCN Medicare Industrial Hub, as well as Clément Destoumieux, representing the Spanish Startups Association.



Creating Meetings and New Collaboration Opportunities

The fair not only showcased the latest innovations in the Medtech sector but also created valuable meetings with existing clients and explored new collaboration opportunities. These encounters are fundamental for strengthening relationships and opening new avenues for growth and development.



The Added Value of BCN MEDICARE Industrial Hub

BCN MEDICARE Industrial Hub provided significant added value to the event by bringing together experts in each phase of engineering, design, and industrialization for the manufacture of medical products in a one-stop-shop. This integration of knowledge and expertise allowed attendees to access complete and highly specialized solutions, facilitating the implementation of technological innovations in the health sector.



Event Details:

- Dates: June 26 and 27, 2024

- Location: World Trade Center in Barcelona




Participation in Medi'Nov Connection Spain reaffirms Innovamed's commitment to innovation and development in the Medtech sector and marks an important milestone in our mission to improve health through technology.

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