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Plastics Injection moulding in clean room conditions with quality guaranty |Innovamed


1. Does INNOVAMED comply with cGMP?

cGMP can be defined as a series of state regulations in the United States, relating to the minimum requirements in methods, facilities and controls used in the manufacturing, processing and packaging processes of drugs, in order to ensure that these products are safe and contain the properties that have been declared.  Its provisions are documented in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) of the FDA, there being the CFR 21 Part 820 that defines the requirements of a quality system to meet the requirements of the FDA.


Innovamed is certified in the ISO 13485 standard, which defines the requirements of a quality system for companies involved in at least one phase of the life cycle of a medical device (therefore the requirements of all processes involved) in order to guarantee the operation, safety and applicable regulatory compliance of the medical device. In other words, Innovamed's quality system contemplates the provisions of the cGMPs that apply to them in accordance with their requirements, which, apart from those that are redundant with those of the regulations, are determined by the clients with whom it works. Examples of Innovamed's compliance with applicable cGMPs are the qualification of its critical equipment or the limit levels in the microbiological monitoring of rooms.



2. Does Innovamed have a prior operating license from the AEMPS?

Yes, in accordance with the requirements of the royal decree on the marketing and placing on the market of medical devices, the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices (AEMPS) grants a licence for the operation of medical device facilities to manufacturers, grouping companies, importers, companies that sterilise for third parties and manufacturers of custome made devices in the communities of Ceuta and Melilla, for medical devices (including AI, IVD and accessories, among others). In the case of Innovamed, being a company that carries out the complete manufacture of these types of products, it does require this licence. Our licence was granted on 12 March 2024 under reference 9089-PS.


3. What are the room controls that Innovamed performs?

In order to guarantee the compliance with the clients' requirements, Innovamed monitors several parameters within the Rooms to guarantee the conformity of all the products manufactured as well as the processes themselves. In addition to the annual monitoring of the Rooms according to the frequency established by ISO14644-1:2015, Innovamed carries out additional controls of the total number of particles as well as the number of viable particles (both in the environment and on the surface) every 15 days. In this way, it is possible to monitor the levels in which the room is located, as well as to identify situations that could generate adverse trends that could compromise the room specifications and be able to anticipate them.



4. Does Innovamed have its process equipment qualified according to GMP?

Innovamed is currently finalizing the installation qualification (IQ) of the injection molding equipment for medical device components. The objective is to provide the opportunity for our customers to have the qualified injection equipment and thus be able to perform the subsequent process validation for any of their molds (OQ/PQ). In addition, we are also performing the qualification of equipment for post-injection phases or sterile barrier packaging (welding, blistering, etc).



With this, Innovamed intends to facilitate its customers the compliance with the requirements based on the applicable standards and regulations. If you have any questions, please contact Carlos Real, Quality Director, or Albert Amselem, Sales Director,, who will be pleased to provide you with any further information you may require.




5. Is it really more expensive to produce in ISO-7 cleanroom conditions?

Frequently, in the early stages of the development of new projects, potential customers ask us if producing in ISO-7 cleanroom is significantly more expensive than producing in "clean" rooms that do not comply with the UNE-EN ISO 14644-1 standard. 


In our answer we try to restate the question and formulate it in terms that we understand help to clarify this doubt: 


What differentiates the price between the offers of different injectors is not so much that they have Clean Room facilities, according to regulations, but also that they are additionally required to have ISO-13485 Certification. It is this Certification that requires the maintenance of a fixed structure that incorporates: 


  • Quality Department (qualified personnel and laboratory equipment). 
  • Operating systems capable of ensuring product traceability.  
  • Preparation and development of external and internal audits 
  • Qualification of facilities (IQ) and development of know-how to perform process validations (OQ /PQ), post-injection equipment and sterile barrier packaging, if requested by the customer. 
  • Issuance of Quality Certificates for each production, according to the required Product Specifications. 


And it is here where the price differences lie, in the human and technical structure capable of ensuring the production stability, technical requirements and traceability necessary for the manufacture of a medical device. The manufacturing, in ISO-7 clean room, is part of Innovamed's commitment to offer the best service and the highest quality to the products manufactured in our facilities. 


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Plastics Injection moulding in clean room conditions with quality guaranty |Innovamed

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