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New Ultrasonic Welding Machine at Innovamed


New Ultrasonic Welding Machine at Innovamed
New Ultrasonic Welding Machine at Innovamed New Ultrasonic Welding Machine at Innovamed

We are excited to announce the addition of the advanced Rinco ELECTRICAL MOTION 20 ultrasonic welding machine to our facilities. This acquisition represents a significant step forward in our production and quality control capabilities.



What is Ultrasonic Welding and What is it Used For?

Ultrasonic welding is a technique that uses high-frequency acoustic vibrations to join materials, especially plastics and metals. It is widely used in various industries due to its advantages:


  • Automotive Industry: For joining plastic and metal components in automobiles.
  • Medical Industry: For manufacturing medical devices and sterile packaging.
  • Textile Industry: For cutting and joining non-woven fabrics and technical textiles.
  • Electronics: For assembling plastic parts and encapsulating electronic components.



Technical Features of the ELECTRICAL MOTION 20

  • Versatility: Ideal for welding, cutting, and punching thermoplastics, non-woven fabrics, and textiles.
  • Electrical Precision: Controls the process with great precision thanks to the electric drive, ensuring the best welding results.
  • Welding Modes: Offers 8 welding modes and a trigger to activate the ultrasound.
  • Efficiency and Precision: Economical and precise, with adjustable force and amplitude.
  • Ergonomic Interface: Easy handling with adjustable parameters, including a graph or table of the last welds.
  • Certification and Safety: Suitable for clean rooms and certified according to ISO 14644-1 ISO class 6. Complies with CE legislation and high European standards.
  • Process Optimization: Allows free selection of the feed mechanism position, reducing cycle time.
  • Advanced Programming: Possibility to program descent speed, application speed, welding process (up to 10 steps), brake, force profile, and speed profile.
  • Safety: Maximum safety for the operator and maintenance personnel.
  • Alarm and Control: Sets various limit values to trigger an alarm or stop the machine, ensuring complete process control.



Machine Configuration Methods

8 Welding Modes to Choose From:

Thanks to the various welding modes, it is possible to find the right setting for each application to achieve perfect welding. In the Electrical Motion series, the following welding modes can be selected:


  • Welding Time
  • Welding Energy
  • Welding Time AND/OR Welding Energy
  • Welding Travel (absolute or differential)
  • Contact Break
  • Fusion Speed



Absolute Quality Control

With a barcode reader, it is possible to clearly assign a welded component to a welding result through the barcode/QR code.

This innovative technology will allow Innovamed to optimize our welding processes, ensuring high-quality products and meeting the most rigorous safety and efficiency standards. This is essential for our operations in plastic injection in clean rooms and the assembly of medical devices.



Innovamed and the Manufacturing of Medical Devices

At Innovamed, we specialize in the manufacturing of medical devices and assembly in clean rooms. As a third-party manufacturer of medical devices, we are committed to quality and constant innovation to offer the best to our customers. The incorporation of the ELECTRICAL MOTION 20 allows us to further improve our clean room assembly processes, ensuring high-quality and safe products for the medical sector.

We are committed to excellence and constant innovation to offer the best to our customers! For more information about this new addition and how it can benefit your projects, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Follow our blog for more news and details about our advanced production capabilities!




Innovamed: Committed to quality and innovation in the manufacturing of medical devices and clean room assembly.

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