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Innovamed: Dermocosmetics and Medical Devices


Innovamed: Dermocosmetics and Medical Devices

At Innovamed, we specialize in the manufacturing of medical devices through plastic injection molding and assembly. Additionally, we are proud to be certified by the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices (AEMPS) as a facility authorized to manufacture medical devices for third parties. Today, we want to highlight the important distinction between medical devices and cosmetics, a crucial topic for our clients and the general public.



What is a Medical Device?

A medical device is identified by its CE marking, a certification that cosmetic products cannot have. These devices are specifically designed for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of specific pathologies, clearly distinguishing them from cosmetics, whose primary purpose is to clean, perfume, protect, and maintain the body in good condition without directly treating any disease.



Dermocosmetics in the Medical Context

Within the field of dermocosmetics, some products may be considered medical devices depending on their intended use. For example, a body cream that controls irritation in atopic skin is a cosmetic. However, if the cream is designed to relieve itching and redness associated with atopic dermatitis, it is classified as a medical device, usually class IIa according to classification rules.



Examples of Medical Devices and Cosmetics

Common Cosmetic Products:

- Deodorant soaps

- Perfumes

- Lotions and creams for the skin

- Makeup and makeup removers

- Shampoos and hair care products


Medical Devices in Dermocosmetics:

- Creams to relieve skin irritations from atopic dermatitis

- Disinfectant lotions to prevent infections

- Vaginal moisturizers for specific conditions



Regulation and Composition of Cosmetic Products

The manufacturing of cosmetic products is strictly regulated by Regulation 1223/2009, which specifies permitted and prohibited substances, as well as concentrations and conditions of use. This ensures the safety and efficacy of these products.



Innovamed: Committed to Quality and Innovation

At Innovamed, we are committed to producing high-quality medical devices, using advanced plastic injection molding technology and assembly processes. Our certification by the AEMPS as a facility for the manufacturing of medical devices for third parties is a testament to our dedication to excellence and regulatory compliance. We ensure the delivery of safe and effective products for the care and well-being of our clients.


For more information about our services and products, visit our website or contact us directly.




Innovamed: Innovation and Quality in Medical Device Manufacturing.

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