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AEMPS grants us the sanitary license to operate as a medical device manufacturer facility.


AEMPS grants us the sanitary license to operate as a medical device manufacturer facility.

INNOVAMED, leading manufacturer of medical devices and medical devices for third parties, reaches a milestone by obtaining the sanitary license to operate a medical device facility. This accreditation granted by the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices (AEMPS) highlights INNOVAMED's commitment to excellence and quality in the production of medical devices.


Clean room operations, ranging from plastic injection to manual assembly and blistering, are carried out under strict quality standards in accordance with ISO 13485. This certification guarantees that medical devices manufactured by INNOVAMED meet the highest both national and international regulatory and safety standards.


To consult INNOVAMED's inclusion in the official registry of Medical Device Facilities, you can access the AEMPS search engine and enter the license number 9089-PS. In the following link:


This achievement underlines INNOVAMED's ability to operate transparently and legally as a third party manufacturer, complying with the relevant regulatory requirements. It is a testament to the company's continued commitment to innovation and quality in medical device manufacturing.


INNOVAMED invites customers, partners and stakeholders to join in its ongoing pursuit of excellence and innovation in the medical device industry.

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