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INNOVAMED becomes part of the SusPlast platform


INNOVAMED becomes part of the SusPlast platform

With the aim of developing biodegradable plastic components and parts in the medical sector, during these last months, INNOVAMED has carried out the task of updating information on biodegradable polymer materials, at European level, for injection processes.

With this new vision, we end the year 2019 by joining as partners of the European Susplast platform, one of the most important groups of professionals and companies that develop and use biodegradable plastics in order to create a circular economy.

SusPlast, coordinated by the CSIC, proposes an ambitious intersectoral and symbiotic approach that involves biotechnologists, specialists in materials engineering, packaging, design of functional materials, surface modification and biomaterials and a group specialized in waste pyrolysis, in order to carry out a joint action for the exploitation of new technologies and strategies to overcome the global challenge: sustainable plastics towards a circular economy.

Innovamed has been working in recent years on multiple projects with this type of materials, and has extensive European experience on manufacturers and types of materials.

Do not hesitate to ask us about new projects and the technical feasibility of producing them with biodegradable materials. We invite you to contact our Technical Department, as well as visit our facilities in Barberá del Vallés. Send an e-mail to and we will coordinate a first meeting to assess what materials can fit your project.

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