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Interview with Eusebi Riola, Sales Director of INNOVAMED


Interview with Eusebi Riola, Sales Director of INNOVAMED

Editorial: According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a medical device is defined as "an article, instrument, apparatus or method" which is used in the prevention, diagnosis or treatment of a disease, or to detect, measure, restore, correct or modify the structure or function of the body for any purpose of health. What type of medical devices does Innovamed produce?


Eusebi Riola: We make injection of plastic components in Iso-7 white room, under certification ISO - 13485, assembly, assembly and wrapping of said components. We are specialized in a wide range of plastic materials, from the most standarts such as polyethylene, polypropylene, and polycarbonate, to very technical materials such as TPE or PEEK. We work for a wide range of sectors such as ophthalmology, the dental sector or traumatology.


Editorial: It is clear that a filter for analysis is not the same as a termi- nation. How are medical devices classified? To what kind of quality controls are they submitted?


Eusebi Riola: From the Technical Product Specifications provided by the customer, we carry out the validation process under the quality controls established with the client, dimensional, functional or visual. For this we have robots of visual control in line and human equipment and laboratory technician that performs the analyzes.


Editorial: We are seeing that there are manufacturers within the Health Technology and Hospital Equipment Sector, who outsource their production to emerging and developing countries. Do you see this as an option? Is it possible for Innovamed to guarantee the application of Spanish legislation and to comply with Spanish quality standards in another country?


Eusebi Riola: Outsourcing is a booming process due to the flexibility needs, investment priorities of the companies in the sector and the specific needs of start-ups that require specialized companies to its initial phases. Innovamed performs Contract manufacturing in its white rooms and collaborates with Technology Centers, product engineering and moldistas in the development of new products, contributing our experience in the industrialization phase of the products.


Editorial: Which are the threats in your industry?


Eusebi Riola: With the reduction of the business fabric due to the high level of specialization and investments required, more and more production is focused on Germany, Switzerland and France. Also, low-priced imports from the East are a threat. There is a need for strategic plans for the sector.


Editorial: Which alliances do you have at a sectoral level?


Eusebi Riola: FENIN, ASEBIO, and Health Tech cluster in order to be able to integrate into the sector's businesses.


Editorial: According to a study by Fenin, in the year 2016, the billing of the health technology market in Spain reached, the figure of more than 7,200 million euros, showing a 3% growth compared to 2015. In your case, has the market recovered the pre-crisis values?



Eusebi Riola: The market is already global. It grows between 5% and 7% per year due to exports and aging /population growth worldwide.


Editorial: What is your vision in the short and medium term?


Eusebi Riola: The expansion of facilities by the introduction of new projects in 2017, the development of the export network and adaptations of equipment and installations to technical requirements that enhance the quality of INNOVAMED products and services. 

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