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Spanish government approves plan to attract and retain scientific and innovative talent


Spanish government approves plan to attract and retain scientific and innovative talent

The Council of Ministers has approved this Tuesday the Plan to attract and retain scientific and innovative talent in Spain, promoted by the Ministry of Science and Innovation.



This Plan contains 30 measures that will mobilize nearly 3,000 million euros with the aim of bringing back the scientists who have left, preventing those who are here from leaving and attracting the best.



The measures include regulatory reforms, new calls for proposals and information and communication tools, which will be implemented over the next 18 months.



This plan also includes the commitment of the Ministry of Science and Innovation to improve careers in R&D&I by strengthening the Spanish public R&D&I system, providing more resources and opportunities for people working in this field.



The scientific fabric is an invaluable asset for the country, and Innovamed welcomes the fact that measures are being taken to promote innovation, development and the talent of local researchers. Let us hope that these aids will be useful and that noticeable results will be obtained at an industrial and technological level in the medium term.



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