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Activity - Rethinking Glocalization

Rethinking Glocalization


Rethinking Glocalization

Surely in the coming months, as the current health crisis situation is being controlled, and the different measures that are being implemented in the economic field to mitigate the devastating effects of the current crisis are consolidated, debates will begin In order to implement political, social and business initiatives online to develop a “Glocalization” strategy of our strategic industries in the health field and avoid the lack of supplies and situations of chaos experienced in recent months, and which we all have recorded in our retinas.



From our experience, in the day-to-day life of a small company focused on the Medical Device sector, we put on the table two reflections, which together with many others that will emerge, we wish to help implement an "effective Glocalization" that offers solutions thoroughly and allow us to improve our industrial fabric in the health field.



First, at the business management level, the “New Glocalization” must delve into creating a much more holistic dynamic of how the entire health ecosystem works. It is not enough to have institutions, companies, and services capable of responding to new outbreaks of the Pandemic, but, above all, how they will be prepared the next time it arrives. In short, to be able to internalize in the mentality of the managers of the sector that, in making their strategic decisions, the balance between the promotion of collaborative initiatives of the national industrial ecosystem with the defense of the legitimate individual interests of the institutions and companies they represent. It seems that we all understand that the more interrelationships there are in the ecosystem, the more dynamic and innovative it will become, creating more business opportunities for all its members, and in parallel, better service to our citizens. That we dedicate time and an attitude of continuous improvement in search of synergies, it seems that we are lost, sometimes, on a day-to-day basis, or in a more economical, individualistic and short-term vision.



Second, at the level of national institutions, the "New Glocalization" should not, by contrast, be a policy of limits to globalization, but rather an evolution towards concrete improvements where the latter has shown inefficiencies. In short, and again, a balance would have to be found between the theories of two of the fathers of Glocalization, Roland Robertson ("Think global and current local") and Fals Borda ("Glocalization implies substituting the" B "for profit. for the C of "heart").



José Luis Sampedro during the 1960s held a series of conferences at the Círculo de Economía, in Barcelona, ​​where, with his academic style, he tried to convince the businessmen gathered there, of the need to develop internationalization strategies and definitively come out of autarchy. . Your reading, perhaps today seems somewhat naive to us. Hopefully in the near future we can say that Glocalization has helped us overcome the current crisis, it also seems so.

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Plastics Injection moulding in clean room conditions with quality guaranty |Innovamed

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